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Uttarakhand movement is termed to the events of statehood activism within the state Uttar Pradesh which ultimately resulted in a separate state Uttarakhand, India. Uttarakhand became a separate state of India on 9 November 2000.

It is believed that the formation of Uttarakhand was achieved after a long struggle and many sacrifices. The first demand of a separate state, Uttarakhand arose in 1897. The demand gradually strengthened following a series of events.

In 1994, the demand for a separate state eventually took the form of mass movement that resulted in the formation of India's 27th state by 2000.


Uttarakhand : A song of the people
Will attain Uttarakhand, struggling, confronting, forcing.
Will attain Uttarakhand, swearing by her martyrs.

Look and see, the voices rising from mountain villages
Look and see, the fists of women becoming torch-bearers Will attain Uttarakhand, coming forward hand in hand.

The young are losing land and village
Coming down in search of work
Will attain Uttarakhand, finding the answers.

The hot lava flows through the veins of hills
Will decide what is wrong and what is right
Will attain Uttarakhand, changing people's votes.

The sacred Ganga is watching us once again
The Badri Kedar calling us once again
Will attain Uttarakhand, swearing by the Panch Prayag.

New stories are weaved with the tri-colored flag
The sounds of Hansulies and Drantiyas are being heard
Will attain Uttarakhand, thinking carefully.

Why is development so distant from villages
Why so near the rivers but so far from the waters
Will attain Uttarakhand, changing the false numbers and lies.

Pay attention, one day a new dawn will take birth
Pay attention, the painful night will be gone
Will attain Uttarakhand, waving winning banners.